The Best Set Novels from San Francisco Books

The City of San Francisco had been inspired many people like musicians, writers, and artists because of its persistently beautiful place. The bohemian element of the city makes tourists and travelers from different parts of the world come back to stay despite the insanely expensive stay. The mutable events in the city had given way to different novels and books. Here’s an article that will discuss the best set novels from San Francisco books that you can include in your summer and spring reading lists.

The Valencia authored by Michelle Tea is a breakout novel because of its very funny, kind of dirty and rollicking content about the world of underemployed and hippy lesbians along the Mission District in 1990s. Paragraph from paragraph in this novel is infectious, bold and often boozed up the energy of the readers. The lead character in the story has fondness in all intoxicating matters and has a sense of humor. Moreover, the novel is sweetly nostalgic.

There’s this novel about a man who ages backwards, which is similar to the film of Brad Pitt entitled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. It is titled as The Confessions of Max Tivoli and authored by Andrew Sean Greer. The settings of the story was way back late 1800s and full of period details. Nevertheless, the center of the story focuses on a beautiful love story which anyone with soft heart can relate to.

A contemporary novel entitled Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore and authored by Robin Sloan had done a marvelous job on being one of the best set novels from San Francisco books The author was a previous Twitter employee who had integrated both the digital age and the traditional world of print media. The novel tells the exhilarating and gleeful tale of global conspiracy, rollicking adventure, young love, high-tech data visualization, complex code-breaking, global conspiracy and secret to eternal life. The entire setting of the novel is mostly in San Francisco bookstore.

The novel entitled Carter Beats the Devil is a best and extraordinary set novels from San Francisco books. It was written by Glen David Gold and became a response to his debut novel. It had hypnotized the readers with his 1920s portrait on the book. The story of the book is about a young master performer who has illusionist skills that had even surpassed the Great Houdini. His journey as a magician is illuminating, complex and dangerous. His magical dangerous world is where everything is illusion.

The Tales of the City authored by Armistead Maupin and published in 1978 was one of the nine novels written by Maupin that has enduring characters. It was first serialized in Chronicle pages and had occupied a special place in the lore and local literature. It reflects the alternative mores of safeway cruising and hippy bisexuality of the 70s Bay Area. The novel is both an indelible portrait of the era and contains sparkling comedy of manners, which can greatly influence the day to day lives of the readers.

Other best set novels from San Francisco books include McTeague by Frank Norris, The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac, You Can Say You Knew Me When by K.M. Soehnlein, and the Barbary Dogs from Cynthia Robinson.