Readers’ Picks

Book readers will always have their own listing of picks or favorites, also known as Readers’ Picks. It could range based on their interests, experiences, and preferences. It can also be imaginative or real.

Nevertheless, books will always remain a chest treasure for all book readers as it always take them to places and situations as being played on their mind. San Francisco books are one niche favorited by most book readers. Let us learn the readers’ picks on San Francisco books in an array of nostalgic to contemporary times.

Included in the readers’ picks is The Mayor of Castro Street written by Randy Shilts in 1982. This book is an essential one as it narrates the changing politics in the city of San Francisco during the 1970s era. It is one of the decade’s best political biographies. The book’s source of story is about Harvey Milk who was a gay rights activist and a politician. He became the first openly gay man to have secured a public office in the community of California. However, after a year he was assassinated dramatically in 1978. Thereinafter he became an emergence symbol of gay power in the United States and up to the current time, his life has been the subject of various documentaries, films, and books.

Also included in the reader’s picks on San Francisco books is Homeboy written by Seth Morgan in 1990. The author of the book is a New York-born. Since the book was a debut novel for Morgan, he had based the story on his own experiences in life that include his discovery of drug culture and prison stint in San Francisco. With these, the book was greatly acclaimed upon its publication. The New York Times had even dubbed the book as “often brilliant and savagely comic”.

Another best readers’ pick on San Francisco books was just recently published in 2012 and entitled Telegraph Avenue written by Michael Chabon. The book is a good introduction to the border of Berkeley and Oakland. The title of the book is referred to as the avenue running through in the two cities. It is a comic novel with multi-generational content. Setting is in the mid-2000s as it discusses the challenging attitudes of America to races and the characters of Tarantino.

Book readers also picked the San Francisco book entitled John Barleycorn written by Jack London and published I 1913. It is the most autobiographical book ever written by the author. It tackles on the fictional scrutiny of the author’s alcoholism and personal reflection on how society authorized drinking. The title of the novel was inspired from a British folk song. Though Jack London had professed his patronization for alcohol in the novel, he had also used his novel as a zone against the addiction danger. London had become one of the most popular authors during that time and his book is being used in campaigns for prevention.

Another great pick by book readers on San Francisco books is Whores written by William T. Vollman and published in 1991. This novel narrates the story of a Vietnam veteran who turned alcoholic and dedicated all his resources searching for the prostitute he had met and loved. The settings of the novel lie across the popularly shady district of Tenderloin in San Francisco.

Other book titles included in the readers’ picks of San Francisco books are the San Francisco Noir, All Over Coffee, The Bridge, and Infinite City.