Acclaimed San Francisco Books for Children

As parents, we all want our children to always have good read books because we want them to have the best learning that they could get. However, recommending the best book for your children can be a tedious process because we will go through reviewing, sorting, and even asking recommendations from other parents as well. In San Francisco, California, there are highly acclaimed children books that you can find for your children. You can either buy these books directly from authorized bookstores in the city or you can purchase it from online. In this article, we will recommend some San Francisco books for children that you can review for your children’s reading. Take time to read this article.

First on the list is entitled “This is San Francisco”, which is another installment from the series of travel guides for children written by Miroslav Sasek an author-illustrator in 1962. With the author’s charming and distinctive style, he tour the sights around the City of the San Francisco by the bay that include the Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermen’s Wharf, the cable cars, and the Lombard Street. Anyone who had grew up in the City of San Francisco or nearby the city will definitely find this book very fondly.

If you want your children to learn about the rich cultural life and diverse population about San Francisco, then make way for the book entitled “Journey Around San Francisco”. This book will surely take your children’s explorer mind into the beautiful city of San Francisco and its fascinating sights and intriguing history. It is a sure fit book for children of all ages because every page awaits journey and family treasures.

The book of “Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco” is filled with colorful illustrations about Larry’s adventures in San Francisco and how he roam around the city as he gets lost. In this book, the fabulous cultural attractions and landmarks were complemented with clever history trivia and geography making the book a perfect educational tool. Its story is also easy-to-follow for children’s reading.

“San Francisco, the Alphabet Book” will take all children readers on alphabetic journey through the history and sights of San Francisco. The tour will cover all places in the city starting from letter A for Alcatraz to letter Z for the Lombard’s zigzag street. Every letter of the alphabet is accompanied with fun facts, full-color photographs, sketches, and rhymes that will surely enjoyed by children. This book was written by Matt Weber, a fourth-grader teacher who lives in San Jose, California. It also has a second edition with updated illustrations and information.

“Maybelle, The Cable Car” is a classic story written by Virginia Lee Burton. The narrator of this book gives dramatic narration and accompanied by lively background effects of sound and music such as mumbling voices, cheering crowd, bell clanging, and more. This book is a great addition for the school and public libraries in San Francisco.

One board book entitled “Count to Sleep San Francisco” teaches the children how learning the basic numbers is fun. It teaches the children to count and learn the numbers because the illustrations of the numbers are accompanied with the famous landmarks and icons from San Francisco. It also teaches the children to treasure destinations while trying to sleep at night.