San Francisco Books that You Will Love Reading

Unlike other cities in the entire United States, San Francisco Books are popular. The city is regarded as country’s small borough treasure.

San Francisco is filled with breathtaking scenes, airless fogs, and wavering history. It has been a sanctuary for the queers, runaways, entrepreneurs, artists, dreamers, and wayward souls. If you are one of these travelers, take time to read the iconic books of San Francisco. These books will surely take you back in time and experience the great city of San Francisco in your imagination. You will surely love these books and would prefer not to miss every page of it. Read along.

One of the San Francisco books that you will love reading is entitled McTeague and written by Frank Norris. This book novel was published in 1899. It narrates the story of a dentist who owns a shop along the Polk Street then he fell in love with a girl who is a regular visitor in the shop and undergoing a routinely dental examination. Essentially, the novel narrates the story of two men who fell in love on the same woman and eventually had broken their friendship.

Another of San Francisco books that you will love to read is The Maltese Falcon written by Dashiell Hammett and published in 1930. If you are an enthusiast of a detective story with cynical content then this book could be for you. The pages of this book skirt the vague atmosphere of San Francisco. It is also studded with historical landmarks of San Francisco.

The first novel with series that was first persisted in the San Francisco Chronicle is entitled Tales of the City, which is written by Armistead Maupin. This was the time when newspapers regularly create cool things such as serialized fiction. The said novel gyrates around Mary Ann Singleton, a scholar from Cleveland and rest of the Barbary Lane residents. It tackles the story on how the culture and people of San Francisco can influence the lives of many.

If you are not fond on the concept of a novel in verses then the perfect San Francisco book for you is the Golden Gate written by Vikram Seth. This book was tagged as the great California novel as the story is narrated in sonnets about the lives and loves of various yuppies in the Bay Area. The story had represented on how the San Francisco life transitioned to the era of 80s. The book is best to read out loud to your lover.

For kaleidoscopic readers, slant thinkers, and history buffs, the San Francisco book of Infinite City written by Rebecca Solnit is very much recommended. The author is one of the greatest treasures of San Francisco. She is both an impeccable prose stylist and a master researcher. She is a public philosopher who is committed in preserving San Francisco’s spirit in the demanding times. The book of Infinite City provides a collective atlas of San Francisco city. It has combined maps with essay stating the historical city of the community. With these, the book is very variable to read.